Non profit event management

If you are organizing a Non-profit event management, we have the best solution for you. Eventflavour event listing has all the features through which you can easily describe and display the particulars of your conference and distribute it’s tickets.

We understand that the world needs goodness. So, if you want to promote your non-profit event management on our platform, we provide your extra benefits for that. Eventflavour is therefore the best way to create event listings and invite people to your kind cause.

Eventflavour helps you with your noble causes
Managing an non-profit organization is not an easy task. It takes a lot of efforts to do this and when organizing an event, it becomes more difficult. So, we help you with that. Eventflavour is the engine where you get the ready-to-use features for selling event tickets, displaying features and venues, promotional tools, sending emails, managing transactions, attendees and viewing the reports. The visitors can RSVP and book tickets for your events.So, you can use this platform to show your event listings and get more attention towards your non-profit organizer. This will be helpful if you want to raise funds and attract donors.
What will be the charges?
If you are going to create an event with free tickets, you can use our platform FREE OF COST. However for non profit events with paid tickets, we have a discounted rates for hosting those events. For chargeable tickets by charitable trusts, we offer a discounted service fee of 2% and $0.99 for each ticket sold. (The basic rate is 2.5% and $0.99). For this our rates are $17.95 per ticket sold in USD. (Regular cap is $19.95).

To attain this discount you will need to provide your 501(c)(3) form to us.

Want to explain and promote your noble event? We have you covered!

You are right to choose us to promote your non-profit event. We provide discount for non-profit events and let you add your listing very easily. The “add event” form has all the fields that you will need to describe your event in the best way. You can create different type of tickets and allow the discount codes. Add images and explanatory description for your non-profit organization. The interested visitors will be able to contact you through the contact organizer form. You will also be able to send emails and notifications to your attendees right through our portal.

Moreover, for promoting your events on Social media. Your visitors can share your events page using You can even sell tickets through facebook.

Manage your Donors and Attendees was never easier

This platform allows you to easily manage your attendees, and keep them updated with the current news and information. You can also use create discount codes and vouchers.

How can eventflavour help Non-profit events
  • Create event, display address, sell tickets
  • Sell different types of tickets
  • Accept payment against the ticket sales
  • Check and manage the Attendees list
  • Send emails and alerts
  • Create discount and promotional codes


Track the performance of your event
Besides all the features and promotional benefits, using our analytic tools, you can measure the performance of your event. You can track the traffic coming to your page and implement the improvements accordingly.


With Event Flavour, you come and go as you please. It makes us focus on providing you with the best product at all times to keep you happy.

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