TEDx Event registration
Now you can create and promote your TEDx events with eventflavour. You can measure marketing efforts and collect payments. We know it’s difficult to manage such events. So, now you can use this amazing events portal to promote and manage your TEDx events.

With eventflavour, you can create an event listing for your event, for FREE. Your event listing with a unique URL is one of the best ways to advertise your events. The interested visitors can register as attendees and you can manage the attendees. Besides, there’s a short and sweet contact the organizer form through which the visitors can get in touch with you. You can sell tickets, manage attendees, and use the promotional tools as per your requirements.


Create your event page
Create an organizer’s account on eventflavour and post your event for free. Add appropriate images and describe your event properly with the available fields. This fields lets you create a webpage that acts like a website to promote your event.

Get some Social love
We understand the importance of social media in promotions. Social media gives you the ultimate power to reach masses. Therefore the eventflavour lets you sell tickets through facebook also.

Secure transactions
Eventflavour ensures you secure transaction processing. So you can sell tickets and accept payments very easily.

Use the app
Your event management tool is now at your fingertips. Download our app and check your guest lists and registrations. The app makes everything very easy.

Communicate efficiently
Eventflavour has an inbuilt feature to maintain guest list and send emails. So now you can send emails directly through our website. Keep your attendees informed with the notifications and latest updates. You can even create discount codes and let your visitors avail the benefit.

The eventflavour platform is free to use if promotion is all you need. Create an account for free and post your event listing. You can even sell your free tickets without paying anything to us. You only need to pay for the priced tickets that are sold through our platform.
Analyze the performance
Besides all the features and promotional benefits, using our analytic tools, you can measure the performance of your event. You can track the traffic coming to your page and implement the improvements accordingly.
Eventflavour’s event registration system is designed to help you pre, during, and post event.

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Try us out for free.