Tour operator software
Are you an agent or in a business of organizing tours? Good news! Now you can manage your tours, promote it, sell tickets, collect online payments and manage your customers online. Our automated system is sure to reduce your workload by more than 50%.

Promote and sell
Eventflavour is basically an events portal but it can even be used to advertise your tours and travel plans. All you need to do is register and post your tour event. Our system provides you with all the features to accept payment and organize your attendees (Customers).

What you need to do?
All you need to do is create an organizer’s account on eventflavour website. Once you hold an account, you will be able to create/add an event. So you just have to visit the “Add event” page and fill up the information properly and then publish it.

Note : Though filling up the eventflavour – “add event” form is very easy and simple, we advise you to pay special attention to each and every field. Try to make it most appealing for the visitors. Make sure that you provide every detail that a potential customer might want to know.

Promote – Create your tour website
Creating a website for your tour? Not needed now. Just post your tour plans as an event at eventflavour and send links to people. You can use this direct link to promote your event everywhere. It’s just like a permanent URL for your Event

Let your potential customer contact you easily
When a customer visits your page and finds it interesting, he becomes a “Potential Customer”. Such potential customers may have some queries that should be answered. So our system comes with an inbuilt contact form. This makes it very easy for the visitors to directly send a contact message to you and get the questions answered.

Sell tickets – Accept payments
You can create a tour package in form of tickets! Yes, just create different tickets with different pricing. The users can buy the tour package in form of the tickets and an automated email will be sent to them for this.

Social media sharing enabled
We understand how this generation is addicted to social media. So why not use this platform to promote your event. Your event(tour) page will be social sharing ready. Therefore the visitors can share your tour plan with their social groups. You can even sell tickets through facebook!!
If you are using eventflavour for just promoting your event(tour), it’s totally free! You can even sell the free tickets for free. However, we charge a very nominal fee for paid tickets(And you can roll-off it to your users) making this portal totally free for you.


What will be the charges?
Apart from listing events, we also let you add listings for event venues. So if you own a hall, boardroom, banquet or any such venue, you should list it at eventflavour. It is just a greatest way to be found. The organizers are in constant touch with the eventflavour website. So we included this section into our website so that they can find venues for their events.

If one is interested in renting your venue, he/she can contact you through the contact form available with the listings. So promote your venue and let the organizers find it very easily.


Eventflavour’s event registration system is designed to help you pre, during, and post event.

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