Event Platform FAQs


There are few other charges that will be charged apart from the eventflavour’s ticket selling fee. Typically, the credit/Debit card you use will charge the payment processing fees. This fee will be of industry standard.The fee may vary from processor to processor.
Absolutely no. Event flavour’s ticket selling fees and the payment processing fees are the only charges you will incur. For more details please see the fee section of eventflavour documentation. When working with eventflavour, you won’t have to be worried about any hidden charges.
Eventflavour loves special causes. Yes, there are special discounted prices for the non-profit events. You need to include the 501(c)(3) to get the benefits. Please refer the non-profit event fee section for more details.
This solely depends on the payment processor you have selected. When a payment is received the payment processor will process the payment and send the money based on the configured settings.
The payment processors are the ones that will accept the payment from your customers and send the payment to you. We offer PayPal and Stripe as payment processors. These are the leading processors in the industry and provide smooth and safe payment processing.
The events you post into the eventflavour website will be eligible for VAT. We will need to collect VAT in accordance with the European Union. So, we will charge the tax and submit to the EU tax authority. We will not charge any VAT on your events if you are able to provide us your VAT registration ID. Else, eventflavour will require to charge the applicable percent of VAT according to the EU member state of which the event organizer is a member. In short, VAT will be charged if you are unable to provide us the VAT registration ID. We suggest you to seek advice from your tax advisor and know about the eligibility for VAT exemption.
You can charge the attendees VAT on the tickets they buy by providing us with your VAT registration ID in your eventflavour account. Next thing you need to do, is sending the collected VAT to the Tax authority. In this case, Eventflavours won’t need to collect VAT on the service fee it charges to the organizers who provide the VAT registration ID. The organizers can enter their VAT registration ID by navigating to their event edit page, and then selecting the payment currency and country. Click the option to add VAT and then fill out the required fields.
Once you provide your VAT registration ID, all the orders with VAT on the sales of your event tickets will be shown in the event reports. The reports will have an additional column called VAT and the VAT amount collected on those orders will be shown under that column.
The choice will be yours. You can choose the default setting of charging VAT included fees to your buyers or you can keep that part for yourself. The previous orders will stay as it is while all the new orders will be charged according to the chosen settings.
For most of the goods and services that come under EU – European Union, VAT will be charged. Eventflavours will charge the tax in accordance with the sales tax regulations of European Union. You can see the VAT for your event by navigating to the manage event page.