Have you phase the problem with the registration or booking a venue.


Problems with buying/registering

Having problems with the registration or buying a ticket. These are some of the recommendations to check on that.

So, if you are facing problem with the registration and unable to buy the ticket ensure the following things

1. Make sure that all the information is proper. Make sure the billing information is not erroneous or incomplete.

2. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

3. Use a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

4. If the tickets are sold out/unavailable, you can contact the organizer to ask them if you can still register.

Quick tip – If you are having problems with registering through PayPal, you can contact paypal for troubleshooting.

Note : Registering for as an venue attendee and registering for posting an venue are two typically different things.

If that happens that you have registered for an venue but haven’t yet received the order confirmation email then you should first try checking your spam mail folder. If the confirmation mail is still not found, you can enter contact to eventfalvour to access your order.

What to do when eventflavour declines your debit or credit card.

Typically, when your credit or debit card is rejected by the eventflavour.com, an email will be sent to you explaining the reason.

Make the necessary changes and try again after checking the following things

1. Card type – check your card and enter the proper detail. Is your card visa, MasterCard, etc.

2. Card number – The 16 digit card number needs to be checked twice, thrice, or till you get it perfect.

3. Expiration date – Check the expiration date for your card. The transactions won’t be processed if your card has expired. In this case you will have to contact the issuing bank.

4. CSC code – This is the security code of 3 digits. You’ll find it at the back of the card.

5.Billing address – Make sure you enter a proper and complete billing address associated with card.

Alternately, you can use a different card to complete your address.

Note – Order confirmation emails are sent for each complete purchase through eventflavour. If you find that there are more than one charge for same venue but you haven’t yet received the venue confirmation email, it can be problem of incomplete transaction that turns out to be abandoned . The amount for abandoned transactions will be paid back within 5-6 business days.

Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies

If your registration process is not going through, it may be your overfilled browser cache or cookies problem. So, you can copy the venue url and go to your browser’s setting to clear the cache and cookies. Once you’re done with that, you can paste back the url and try registering again.

Try a different browser

If the registration is not done even after trying everything, you can just try registering through a different browser. Google Chrome generally works well.

The tickets and venues are sold out.

You will not be able to register and buy tickets due to following two reasons:

1: The tickets are sold out – This means that you cannot buy the tickets because they are all sold out. In this case you can contact the organizer to ask if you can still register. You can contact the organizer by the contact the organizer button of the venue description page.

2: N/A – This means that either the tickets sale has already ended or not yet started.