How i can bookmark events ?


Bookmarked events

Bookmarking is an easy way to get back to your favorite event. So, you can browse through the other events and save the event you want.

You can see the bookmarked events when you are logged in. This makes it easier for you to find out the events you were interested in. However, only the upcoming events are shown on the bookmarked events, expired events are automatically removed.

How to save bookmark?

1. You will find the button to bookmark an event on the event description page.

2. Clicking the add to bookmark button will save the event as bookmark.

How to access the Bookmarked Events?

You can reach the bookmarked events using one of the following ways.

1. Login and visit your dashboard. Under the My Account dropdown, you will find “My Bookmarked Events” option.

2. You will be shown bookmarked events over here with the note you added.

Clicking on the event name will open the event detail page. The message that you saved with it will also be shown.

1. App – You can save your events using the app. So, you can find it easily.

2. You will also find the last three saved events on the homepage of the eventflavour website.

3. The event detail page will have a button of bookmarking the event. However, there will also be an option to view the saved events.

Note: An organizer on the eventflavour website will only be shown the number of persons who saved the event. They won’t be shown the name of person who saved the event. So, you won’t have to worry about your privacy.