How to add banners and video in event


Event banners and videos
Event banners and videos are one of the major factors to attract visitors. The images and videos you add for the event should be relevant to your event. You will be allowed to add event banner and video while you are creating the event. However, if at any point you wish to change them, you can do so very easily. Navigate to My Account >> My Events >> Edit. Find the field for event banner and event video and you’re ready to update.
1. Event Page
Use your username and password to login to your eventflavour account. Navigate to my account link. Under my account, you will find “My Events“. Clicking this option will show an image
2. Update The Event Banners
The edit event will open a page that will allow you to edit the event. Find the field for event banners. You can click “Choose Files” button and upload your images. You can even add multiple images.
3. Video
Find the option for video and upload your video to be shown on the event description page. You can also attach a link to a youtube video directly.
4. Save
Once you are done with the changes, click save changes before leaving.