How to add more venue managers to an Eventflavour account


Adding more users to current account

With eventflavour, you can add addition users to current Eventflavour account. Such users will be called the sub-users and they can have the access to your venues, without sharing your login information. Login with your eventflavour username and password. Head to your eventflavour account settings page and select “Multi-user Access“.

The primary users are responsible for paying invoices and the authority to control venues each sub-user can access and their access level.

Note – If you are using the eventflavour to only register for the venues, then you can’t add sub-users. You need to have created and hosted at least one venue. Only then the option for adding additional users will appear.

1. Go To Account Settings

Use your eventflavour credentials for logging into your account. From your dashboard, click the account settings options.

2. Multi-user Access

From the available options under the account settings, select “Multi-user access“.

3. Add Email Address

When you choose “Multi User Access” option, you will be asked to enter the email address. Key in the email address of the user you want to add.

4.Enter the subuser’s email address and set the permissions

Once you are done adding subuser’s email address, you can indicate the level of access permissions you want to grant the subuser.

By default, the subusers will be granted the access to all the venues, perform action and receive emails.

5. Save

Once you are done with the editing, press save and you’ll get a prompt message that the user is added.