How to add your event description details?


Description details

When promoting your events online, the event description part is focused to tell your visitors everything about the event. So, event description is very important. This description should be precise, detailed and include the most important information that a prospect customer would want to know. Also include the refund policy. It can be managed from your eventflavour My Account >> My Events.

1. Locate The Event

Login to your eventflavour account and go to My Account >> My Events. This will open a page that will list all the events that you have uploaded. You can select the event you want to change the description for. Edit the event.

The manage events page will give you a lots of event options. It will show your statistics, change your design and edit event. Choose to edit the event. From here you can update the event description.

2. Add The Information You Want

Once your reach the update event description. Add the details you want and save it. You can save the preview to see how the event description appears.