How to collect information from all event ?


Collecting Attendee information

You can determine the information you want the attendee to provide while they register for the event. This data can be determined while adding event.

1.Login To Your Account

Login to your using the username and password. Once logged in, Navigate to the “My Account” dropdown and select the “My Events” options.

This will open a page that will list down all the events you have added.

2. Select The Event

From the list of your events, find the event you want to manage. Click on the manage icon of the event.

This will open the event dashboard. Under the header that displays the name of your event, there will be three options: Manage, Design and edit. Click edit.

This will let you edit the details of the selected event.

3. Edit The Attendee Information To Be Collected

Now you can change the details of your event easily. Find the section that says ‘Attendee information to be collected” and change the selection over there.

4. Save The Event

Save the changes you made by clicking “Save Changes