How to contact the venue organizer


Contact to the Venue organizer is an online tool for managing venues and tickets. The organizer of the venues are accountable for their venues. is just a platform that lets them display their venues. However, you might want to contact the organizer of the venue for requesting refund or get more information about the venue. This can be easily done.

Once you are on the venue details page, you will see the contact organizer button on the right sidebar.

Clicking the button will open the following form. Fill in proper information. Please make sure that you enter a valid and correct email address so that the organizer can respond back.

Extra tip: You can also check the venue organizers social account and website to easily contact them.

Wait for 4-5 working days

The organizer will likely respond within 4 to 5 business days.

Contact us

If the organizer does not respond, you can contact us (as a last resort). As mentioned earlier, eventflavour is just a platform where the organizers post the venues. It is not directly associated with the organizers or the venues. So we won’t be able to answer your queries regarding venue details like “Is there a parking facility at the venue?” or “Can I bring my pet to the venue?”. We will try to get you connected with the organizers.