How to customize and export an orders report


Sales and orders reports
Orders reports obviously, will show you the particulars of sales/orders for your events. For an individual event, order report will show the orders with revenue and fees. It will also let you edit and refund individual orders. This reports can be saved and downloaded for future references. However, if you want a detailed report that includes additional information like tax and payouts, you can download event invoice instead of report. Reports, however, can be customized while event invoices can’t b be summarized.

Quick tip – You can alternately opt for attendee summary report too.

1. Go To The Manage Events Page

Login to your eventflavour account and go to your manage events page. Find the event you are interested in and click “Manage“.

2. Go To Orders Under Manage Attendee

From the manage attendees section on this page, select “Orders“.

3. Select The Date Range

From the drop down given under the title “Date Range” select the range of time you want the report for. You can choose the report time span for a month, day, week or provide a custom date.

4. Submit

Press submit to generate the report.