How to edit or cancel or draft an event


Edit/Cancel/Draft Event
You can cancel the event easily. But before that you need to take care of a certain things. Before you cancel the event, you need to inform the attendees and issue refund to them. Once you are done with this, you can go to the event manage page and cancel the event. For recurring events, you can cancel an individual event from the repeating schedule.
Next step
Refund the paid orders and cancel the free orders. Once done with sending the email to the attendees and issuing refunds, you can unpublish the event. You can either directly delete it or keep it as a draft.
1. Save Event As Draft
Navigate to your dashboard and select My Account >> My Events >> Choose The Event From The Given List. Click manage. On the event manage page, there will be the draft button. Click it and your event will be unpublished.  Once drafted, your event will not be shown anymore in the browse events section or anywhere else.
2. Delete The Event
You can delete the event permanently. Navigate to the event dashboard. Select the My Account Drop Down >>My Events >> Find the event you want to delete. Press the bin symbol and the event will be deleted.  This will permanently delete the event.