How to resend an order confirmation email?


Order confirmation email

When your attendee requests for order confirmation email again, you will need to resend them. You can send them receipt, ticket, and even tax invoice (if enabled). You can use the quick action options for this.

1. Event Dashboard

Login to your eventflavour account using the email and password. Go to My Account >> My Events. Click the event you want to edit.

2.Find The Event

From the list of event given there, choose the event you want to manage. Click on the “Manage” event icon.

3. Find The Attendee

Find the “Manage Attendees” section on the event dashboard. Under the “Manage Attendees” section, find the email to attendees.

4. Select The Attendee And Send Email

From the list of attendees given there, select the attendee you want to send email. Key in the order details and send the email. You can even choose to send the email later by scheduling it.