How to set up discount codes for your multiple events


Discount codes

As an event manager, you can easily create and manage discount codes for an event on eventflavour. Follow the following steps to create the discount codes.

1.Creating The Discount Codes.

To create the discount code, you need to first login to your eventflavour account using the username and password.

2. Find The Event

You will see My account dropdown on the top of your screen. Click it and choose “My Events”. This will open the list of events that has been added using the account. Choose the event you want to create discount code for.

3.Discount & Access Code

When you click the manage icon, an event management page as seen in the image below will be shown.

On the sidebar menu, under the “Invite And Promote” section, you will find “Discount & Access Codes”. This will open a page that will show all the discounts and access codes associated with the event.

4. Creating New Access Code.

You can click the “New Code” button to create and add a new discount code for your event.

5. Fill The Details

Fill in all the details required to create the discount code and hit “Save”.

This will add new discount code to the event.

These were the steps to add discount codes to the event. Now lets see how we can edit the discount code.

1.Navigate to the discount and access codes page

Go to the My Account Dropdown >> My Events >> Manage Event >> Invite And Promote

Chooses the discount code you want to edit and click the edit button. You can also delete the discount code.

2. Edit

You can now make changes in the discount coupon and click “Save” and the changes will be updated for the discount code.