Non profit events


Non profit events
For eventflavour for causes is aimed to provide discounted services to the qualified nonprofit organizations. If you are a certified nonprofit organization, you can send us a copy of your 501(c)(3) determination letter to help us set you up.

If you are a non profit organizers and want to create free tickets, you can use the eventflavour platform for free. For chargeable tickets by charitable trusts, we offer a discounted service fee of 1% and $0.50 for each ticket sold. (The basic rate is 1.20% and $0.99)

We limit our fee at $9 per ticket sold in USD.

The payment processing fees will be charged separately, same as regular.

How to apply
We’ve tried to keep this applying procedure really simple. In US, when you successfully apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, the IRS sends a determination letter. You can check the IRS website to know the status of your application with the IRS.

To apply as a non-profit organization and post events at a discounted price, you can apply for event flavour for causes. Contact us along with the following vitals:

Subject : Eventflavour for causes.
-Mention your eventflavour account email address
-Telephone number
-Attached copy of your determination letter.

Alternatively, you can even fax it to with the above mentioned details. Running a charitable event is a noble cause. So, we will do our bit to help your charitable event a great success.