Set sales start & end date of your event


Sales Start And End Date
The ticket start date and end date can be set and updated anytime you wish. You can login to your account and set the ticket sales start and end date. Go to the event edit page and find the ticket you want to set the starting and the ending date. Then click the settings icon and update the fields under “Ticket Sales Start” and “Ticket Sales End” . This way you can set the ticket sales start and end date and time.
1. Login And Go To Account Settings
Use your eventflavour username and password to login to your account. Now navigate to My Account >> My Events >> Edit . tickets will be shown here. You can click the icon shown for managing/editing ticket.
2. Edit
Select the appropriate fields and update the ticket sales start date and tickets sale end date. You can use the calendar to select a specific date and time.
3. Save
Don’t forget to “save” your changes before you leave.