Google Analytics


Google Analytics

It natural that you would like to know about the amount of traffic coming to your venue. You can view this on your eventflavour website using the Google analytics tool. It is easy and simple. This can be done with the eventflavours tracking pixels tool for Google Universal Analytics.

All you’ll need to do is to copy your venue page URL from the eventflavour and paste it into a new property in your google analytics account. Also copy the tracking id. The you may go to the Manage venues page on your eventflavour account and select “Tracking Pixels“. Now paste the tracking id you copied from the analytics account to enable tracking for your venue.

1. Upgrade From The Classic To The Google Universal Analytics

The classic google analytics will be obsolete in the near future. So we highly recommend you to upgrade to Universal Google analytics. So, upgrade your account within Google Universal analytics and start setting up your tracking pixels with eventflavours.

2. Go To The Manage venues Page

Now back to the eventflavour website, login with your credentials and through your dashboard, navigate to the “Manage Venues” page.

3. Copy The Venue Url

Select the venue you want the analysis for and copy its url.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard

Login to your Google Analytics dashboard, select the Admin from the menu at the top of your dashboard.

5. Create New Property

You need to create a new property for your eventflavour venue tracking. So, from the dropdown under property, choose the “Create New Property” option. A new section called “New Property” will appear.

You will be able to track all other venues through a single property if you choose “All Venues“. To create a new property Google Universal Analytics will need the website name and website URL.

Website name can be anything you like. It will be the name for your property. (Basically, the venue name will be a good choice here). For the website URL, you will have to paste the venue url that you copied from the eventflavour.

6. Get The Tracking ID And Copy It

Click the get tracking id to get the tracking id for your new property, i.e your venue. This will generate the tracking id. Copy this tracking id.

7. Provide Your Tracking ID At Eventflavour Analyze

Navigate to manage venue page at your eventflavour dashboard. Select “Tracking Pixels” under analyze.

8. Apply Tracking Pixels To One Or More venues

Under the tracking pixels menu, select the “Google Universal Analytics“. This will take you to a new window.

9. Paste Your Tracking ID And Save it

Paste the tracking id you obtained at the Google Analytics dashboard. You can apply it to one venue(this venue) or all venues.

Be careful that the changes you make are not saved automatically. You must make sure that you press the “save” button to integrate the eventflavour venue with Google Analytics. The engagement data can be found back at your google analytics dashboard.

10. Verify

Ensure that the Google analytics is working and showing the data. You can place an order and check with your Google Universal analytic account to see that the venues are recorded. If there’s some problem and it doesn’t show you the changes, double check the tracking id.

Once you’re done with these steps, google analytics will start analyzing the traffic on your venue/s on eventflavour.