How much cost for organizers to use Event Flavour?


Paid Venues
However, Eventflavour will charge a nominal amount for selling tickets for your venues. You will be charged 2.5% of the ticket price. Additional charge will be 0.99 USD per ticket and 3% payment processing fee for the transactions. The charge will be calculated in the form of US dollars. If you use the mobile app of eventflavours to sell tickets, you will only be charged the processing fees. Service fee – You will be charged 2.5% of the ticket price plus 0.99 per ticket in USD. Indifferent to what you charge, the eventflavour service fee is limited to $19.95 per ticket. Payment processing fees – If you use eventflavour payment processing, the fee for processing online payments in USD , the charge will be 3% of the ticket cost. The default payment processing system to accept online payments is Eventflavour payment processing. You can also use the paypal and to collect the payments. The eventflavour service fee will be the same but payment processing fee will be the ones set by these processors.