How to apply a discount or access code to your order


Discount & access codes

If you have a discount code or a promotional voucher then you can get special discounts on your purchase. It is very easy to use such codes and vouchers to avail the benefits.

To apply this code, go to the venue you want to register for and click the link saying “Enter Promotional Code“. Simply enter the code you have into the given text field and click “Apply“. If the code is valid and successfully applied you will see a discounted ticket appear. If you registered previously but didn’t enter the promotional code, you need to ask the organizer as to how they can help you modify your order.

Quick Tip – These codes are not case sensitive.

1. Go To Your Venue And Click “REQUEST TO BOOK

You need to find the venue that you are interested in and want to get ticket. Click “Send Booking” to proceed to ticket buying.

2. Key In The Promotional Code

There will be a link that will let you enter the promotional code. Enter the code carried by the voucher or discount coupon. Enter it and click “Apply Code“.

3. Confirmation

If the code is successfully applied, you will be shown a message that the code is applied and a discounted ticket will appear.

If the code is rejected as “Not Valid“, check the code and try again.

4. Select The Quantity Of Booking The Venue

After the discount code is successfully applied, you can proceed with the registration process and complete it.

You can now distribute the discount codes to your customers. They can use these codes while buying tickets. The users will have to copy the discount code and paste it into the box before checking out for the tickets.