How to close your Event Flavour account


Close an account

You need to first login to your eventflavour account and go to the Account setting page. At your account settings page you will find the “Close account” option. Before you close your account, we would like to know the reason behind closing the account. Kindly take your time to let us know your reason. You will also be asked to type “CLOSE” all in capital letters and enter the password to close the account.

Before you close your account, you will need to clear all the pending invoices associated with your eventflavour account. Alternately, you can also transfer your eventflavour account to someone else.

1. Go to the Account Settings

Login to your eventflavour account with the credentials and go to your dashboard. To proceed with the account closing procedure, you can go to the account settings page.

2. Choose close account

Select the close account option to proceed. You will then be asked the reason for leaving us. Kindly take your time to explain us the reason why you no longer want to use the eventflavour account. You can choose one of the available options or choose other and write down your reason.

3. Type CLOSE and password

As a last step in the procedure, you will be asked to type close into a box. All in capital letters. You’ll also need to provide your eventflavour account password before leaving. Now you can press “close account”. This will permanently close your account.