How to make summery report of your Guest ?


Summary report of guest
Guest summary report can be helpful for your information-keeping and analysis. So you can view it and even export it for yourself. By this way you will have all the Guest information that has been collected and even the answers to your custom questions. For this you need to navigate to the venue’s manage page. Under the Analyze, select the “Venues Report“. If you have a repeating venue, be careful to set the date selector to the specific date to view and export Guest information of that particular individual venue within your repeating venues schedule.
1. Go To The Manage Venues Page
You can login to your eventflavour account and go to the manage venue page. Find the venue you want summary for and select ‘Manage‘.
2. Select Venues Report
In the shown options, find the “Analyze“. In case of recurring venue, you can find the guest report of a particular venue by selecting the proper date by the “Individual Venue Selector“.
3. Select The Guest Summary Option.
For the field “Report Type“, select the option “Guest Summary“.
4. Customizing The Guest Summary Report
Before you are ready to export your guest summary, you can manually select the information (viz. Columns) that you want to be included into your report. Then click the “Update Report“. You can save your report to view it later. This can be done by clicking on “Save Column Types“.

Extra tip : You can also include the information from some other venue into your report. select “Show venues” to do this.

5. View
You can view the report that includes the answer to the custom questions (that are asked using a customized order form).

Quick tip – You can click on the order number and it will take you to the page that shows the details of the guest associated with it.

6. Edit
You can edit the Guest as well as order information with the quick action drop down next to guest’s order . This allows you edit guest information like contact and shipping details, work information, etc. You can also cancel an order or delete it.
7. Downloading The Report
Eventflavour allows you to download your venue summary as an .xls file or .csv. Choose the type of file you want and your report will be downloaded and saved in the “Downloads” folder in your computer.