How to manage (and resend) invitations


Invitation emails and RSVPs

The venue invitations can be managed and resent through the manage venues section at your dashboard. Go to the venues page, find out your venue and click manage.

1. Go The Manage Venues Page

Login with your eventflavour username and password, navigate to your dashboard “My Account” and go to “Manage Venues

The manage email invitation page will not appear under the venue invitations until the emails are scheduled or sent. Under the manage email invitation, there will be status for each of the recipient.

2. Go To Email Invitations

This will open the manage email invitations page

3. View Status

Here you will be shown the status of the email invitations that you have sent. If you have enabled the RSVP functionality, then you’ll be able to check the RSVP status under the “Attending” section.

Copying an invitation

1. Select copy

Under the Manage email invitations, find the email that you want to resend and click “Copy”.

note : Want to make minor changes to the email you just copied? Don’t worry. You will be allowed to edit your invitation before sending it to the invitees.

2. Select “Add Guests”

You can add guests by pressing the button located within “Who should come?”

3. Select the recipients

You can directly import the contacts from your contact lists, or upload emails from files. You can import from Gmail, or manually add the contacts.

4. Sending/Scheduling

After you’re done with the above steps, you can either send the email immediately or schedule it for sending it later on.

Resending invitation to those who didn’t respond

1. View all the invited guests

Under the “Manage email invitations”, select “view all invited guests” .This will show the invited guests and status of the invitations sent to them.

2. Filter by “not responded.

Click the filter available while viewing the invitees and select “not responded”.

3. Resend

Choose “edit and resend Invites”. Here you cannot edit the invitation or recipients list at this point.