Why my venue is not showing in search?


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If you having trouble finding the venue you published and it’s already more than 24 hours it’s been published, here are the few things you can check.

Check whether the venue is public and live. Also check to see if the tickets are sold out or on sale. Our search is linked to the location for easy and accurate results for attendee, so address means a lot. So check if the venue venue you added is correct.

The following may be some of the common reasons for your venues not been shown in search

The main reason could be the venue is still not published. Check that the venue is not saved as draft. You can publish your venue by login to your account and go to manage venues and publish the venue.

Venue Is Private

The venue won’t be shown in your searched in our venue directory and search engines if they are not “Public“. You can check the privacy settings and go to the manage venue page, and find the option to create ticket.

Incorrect Venue Address

The venue posted to the eventflavour are location based, so you need to enter a valid address for it. You can check the venue to see if the venue address is appropriate. You can manage the venue address by venue manage page (Dashboard >> My Account >> My Venue >> Manage Button)

Adult Content

If your venue contains inappropriate or adult content, it may be blocked from being showed in the venue search.

Venue Not Cached By Google

Google bots take some time to notice and crawl through your venue. If you want google to index your venue faster you can do it manually.

Enter your venue page url to the Google Webmaster tool and solve the CAPTCHA. Submit the request to inform google and make it index your venue.

Venue not shown on the first page of result

The placement of your venue on the venue listings page will be determined based on number of factor. To improve the venue position:

Title – Optimize the title, make it unique and descriptive

venue description – This description tells all about your venue. Make it detailed.

Image – Add appropriate image

Venue type and topic – Choose these fields properly so that your venue is properly classified.


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