What to do if your event wristband is lost, stolen, incorrect, or damaged


Wrist bands

You can deactivate your original wristband and request a replacement. Go to the eventflavour account, login and access the ticket page. Choose “Manage Wristband” and choose “Deactivate Wristband“. When you have deactivated the wristband, you can pick up your replacement at will call.

Quick tip : You can update your shipping address and even cancel your request if your order is yet to be shipped

1. Through Tickets

You can login to your eventflavour account using the username and password. Then under account settings, you can find “Tickets“. From the tickets tab, find your order from the listed events and click it to access order details

2. Manage Wristband

From the manage order page, click the manage wristband. The status of the wristband will be shown here and you can click the option to Deactivate the wristband. This will open a new tab. You can choose from the given reasons.

3. Choose The Wristband You Want To Replace

You will be needed to provide the UID of the wristband you want to cancel. The UID can be found behind the plastic piece on the wristband. Check the checkbox beside the required UID and continue. Select hold at will call to deactivate and demand a new replacement for pick up at will call.

4. Pick Up The Replacement At Will Call

Once you have deactivated the wristband , you can pick up the replacement at the event. Provide an id proof as well as the order confirmation email to the Will Call.