Where are my booking for venues?


Finding tickets or receipt/order confirmation
Your tickets will be attached as a pdf with the order confirmation email. These are the printable tickets. You can use the app. Login to your account and refer the tickets within your account.
1. Checking The Order Confirmation Email
The tickets will be attached to the order confirmation email, the organizer sends you on receiving the order. You can download the ticket from here and even print it.
2. Use The App To Find Your Booking
You can use the eventflavour mobile app to find your Booked venue
3. Login And Go To Venue Booking On Eventflavour
Login to your account with the eventflavour username and password. Go to Account >> Tickets. Click the booking venue and print.
4. Through The Venue Detail Page
Visit the venue detail page and there will be a banner saying “You have already registered for this account”. All you need to do is click the link “View the order”.
5. Contact The Organizer
If none of the above options prove to be helpful to find your booked venue, you can contact the venue organizers for this.